Life Care Centers of America

Nurses Needed (RN's, Directors, CNA's, LPN's)

Life Care's clinical team is made up of nurses and assistants on the local, regional and divisional level, as well as positions on the corporate campus.

Caring for others probably came naturally most of your life. You have the capacity to make a difference for each patient you serve. With more than 40 years in the caring business, we have that in common. Partnering with people like you means providing compassionate, quality service to those who need it most.

Finding a place where you fit means discovering the support of a team, the encouragement of people who understand what motivates you and the satisfaction of knowing you are where you belong. It's our priority to encourage a positive work environment where clinicians at all levels of experience work together, learn from each other and develop interdisciplinary treatment plans to provide the best care possible.

Your unique accomplishments make the care we provide that much better. That's why we intentionally support your career goals and provide you with opportunities for growth.

Locations: NATIONWIDE, Multiple Facilities / Locations